A resolution passed to accept the electrical contract with the energy services of Green Mountain in the terms of 36 months.

A resolution passed to give all care givers and care receivers 90 days residence if they can pass the credit and background checks.  If they prove to be good tenants then they can stay an additional 90 days and so on.

A resolution passed to approve Dennis Jobe’s proposal on 113 Douglas to fix the ceiling in the amount of $1,650.00.  He is licensed and insured contractor.

A resolution passed regarding 109 Curtis that we apply the membership fee towards the painting that the shareholder did not repaint back to the standard paint color.  The price would be $2,550.00 less the equity of the $845.00.

A resolution passed to approve Irma Painter’s assumption of equity membership at 113 Curtis which was gifted to her in 2002 and all that needs to be done is the paperwork to complete the transaction.