A resolution passed that a clean up day be scheduled for Saturday, April 24th and that the Avion garage sale be scheduled for May 1st on the south side of the Community House (now known as Ray’s Room)

A resolution passed that DK Haney begin repair on Phase 4 on the listed addresses with the exception of the 112 Music adjustment.  This included a check to make sure that the square footages were correct .  Patio covers, driveways, carports, and storage should not be included.

A resolution passed to repair the foundations on 112 Byrd and 106 Wright including removing the patio at 106 Wright at no more than the prices on the bids.

A resolution passed to speak with N&K Services to set up a mowing bid so that the residents will see what they will be getting compared to a $10/month increase to their rent.

A resolution passed regarding Steven Jobe to recieve a permanent non-depreciated equity in the house at 112 Byrd in the amount of $6,000.

A resolution passed to have Dunn Asphalt repair Item #2 (seal coating), to repair and stripe parking lot at $6,167.95, to do the work on Waco at $2,950.00, and repair Curtis not exceeding $2,000.00.

A resolution was passed to have the fire department come in and flush our meters for the safety and welfare of our residents.

A resolution was passed to have two meetings a month on the second and last Tuesday of each month that start at 6:30 and end at 9:30.  Anything that is not finished will be transferred to the next agenda.

A resolution was passed to have the Manager send a notice to all upstairs apartments concerning grandfathering the pet issues.